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Sales Pipeline, CRM, and Close Deals
List Building, Customized Client Data Base


Cold Calling, Set Appointments, and Provide Weekly Benchmark Reports


Market Strategy Assessment, Identify Key Target Segments, Image Design Consulting, Email Marketing Campaign, Custom Messaging

Core Features


By thoroughly understanding the need of the customer for the solution provide, we are able to ultimately yields profits and revenue in a quick and timely manner.


Experts in daily managing clients data in Salesforce or any other CRM solution.  Calling 150 to 200 potential prospects daily.


Develop lead sources, Identify potential customer, Create a database of at least 500 prospects, Initiate contacts with a minimum of 250 new prospects each month, populate the sales pipeline.


Planning and strategy are essential in an era of rapid growth. It identifies your strengths. It flags potential weaknesses. And it allows your business more fiscal and creative flexibility in the days to come.

Get ready to grow your revenue!



PRECISION REV the B4B  Solution

PRECISION REV helps top brands navigate and profit from change. Utilizing the latest technology and best practices, PRECISION REV provides integrated sales and marketing solutions for lead generation, lead nurturing and qualification, acquisition sales, growth and retention, sales advisory services, sales and marketing analytics.

Small, midmarket, and even enterprise companies are often stretched when it comes to having the right number of salespeople to cover different territories and vertical industries. In addition, B2B companies often have hundreds of thousands of small-to-medium business (SMB) leads available to them that they’re unable to pursue due to resource constraints. 

Outsourced sales resources can focus specifically on developing vertical or geographic markets that require greater attention. Meanwhile, companies can also use an outsourced sales team to test new approaches to sales and product positioning. From there, the results can be analyzed and fine-tuned before being extended to a larger base of customers and prospects. 



Our history is full-cycle revenue strategy—helping early stage technology companies discover the optimal path to revenue. Anything that impacts revenue comes under our scope, from business model and organizational structure, to product definition, to specific sales tactics.


It’s not possible to deliver the correct strategy without taking customers through the sales process, requiring them to put skin in the game, and analyzing each step. Some people think differently…they’re wrong.

Many of our early stage clients have little more than an idea, so we’ve had to develop potential customers on our own. To do that, we’ve created a very efficient mechanism that yields potential customers almost immediately. Our strategy work starts when we’re in front of a customer. We don’t want it hung up because we can’t find them.



Powerful Outsource Solution

PRECISION REV understands that building and executing modern-day sales outreach programs can be overwhelming and prohibitively expensive. So, why lose years developing sophisticated customer analytics systems and waste thousands of dollars stitching together individual technologies when you can invest in a technology-enabled sales service that does it all for you and charges you based on your revenue results?

PRECISION REV is dedicated to helping companies invest in outcomes, not components. That’s why PRECISION REV offers end-to-end revenue generation and sales solutions that include the best technology, people, and practices to help companies achieve two goals:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer growth and customer retention

PRECISION REV drives all the pieces of the sales process, so you can stop worrying about revenue generation and start focusing on driving your business.



Revenue Growth

PRECISION REV specializes in helping sales organizations hold up the mirror and evaluate the process, practice, management, and integration of their sales organization. Only by understanding how each component works can organizations begin to evolve and improve their revenue engine. PRECISION REV empowers companies to break their revenue generation process down into parts and then assess the health of each part.

PRECISION REV’s Revenue Performance Assessment is a diagnostic workshop designed to help cross-functional executive teams see, and understand, their sales organizations and revenue generation engines more clearly.



Sales Process

Companies can gain competitive edge by determining the characteristics of different customer segments, understanding customer preferences, and using analytics to develop relevant offers and messaging that drives conversion.

The Lead-generation Rift, Drilling into Data and Analytics, and Ramping up Conversations.  The Path to Increased Sales Productivity.  Creating the Feedback Loop.  Secure a competitive edge in even the most highly fragmented markets.  Determine the characteristics of your highest value and lowest value customers and then what to do with this information.  Understand customer preferences and how to build sales programs around them.  Leverage analytics to improve customer retention




What We Do

We focus on results.  Revenue growth is the daily goal.

Who We Are

PRECISION REV is an outsourced Biz Dev company that increases sales revenue and profitablity.


Coffee Cups




Outsourcing your Sales and Lead Generation is very cost effective.

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All of PRECISION REV’s work is based on direct custom contact so there is immediate results through the sales funnel.




Build Your
Sales Team
Cost Efficiently

PRECISION REV can provide this increased level of production for 25% or less than the cost of an entry-level sales professional or administrative assistant.

Every successful sales force must maintain an ideal mixture of prospecting, lead qualification, and appointment setting, along with expert in-person sales activities. Appointment setting and lead generation are two of the most powerful weapons in your sales arsenal.

PRECISION REV can implement managed appointment setting and lead generation initiatives to boost your ROI by 500 percent or more. For instance, a single inside sales specialist has the ability to access up to ten times the number of decision makers the average salesperson can during any given day.

Outsourced Sales

Our outsourcing sales consulting company has tremendous sales experience, selling across various industries.  We are excited to speak with you about your sales challenges and to see if we could be of service to your organization


Reputable, extensive client list.  Proven results on project.  Transparent reporting capabilities

Client Data Managment

We can work and clean your existing list or we can offer a comprehensive look at the right clientele that are buying your products and services.

Strategy & Assessment

A fundamentally different methodology allows us to achieve unprecedented clarity into our client’s customer environment.