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Prospect close ratios should be greater than 50% and sales cycles should be less than 3 months. No Excuses.

At PRECISION REV, we’ve seen the difference deep customer knowledge makes.

The same day you engage us PRECISION REV begins exploring the market, whether your product is shipping, in development, or pure vapor. We make high level contacts to our existing relationships as well as to new prospects within your target markets where we introduce and discuss the product.

During the process we dig deeply into dozens of customer motivations including:


  • Why they are or are not interested?
  • What are their priorities?
  • What are their pressures and pains?
  • How will they use the product?
  • What is the right pricing model?
  • What is the best way to sell it to them?


If our client’s corporate structure allows, we walk the full sales path. Taking prospects from cold call to PO. We don’t just ask questions, we want our client’s potential customers to put skin in the game.

PRECISION REV iterates these steps using different customer types, different contact paths, different messages, and different tactics until we understand:


  • Which customers to pursue and why
  • What functionality the product needs to deliver
  • How to market and sell it to them


When we have completed an engagement and transferred the information to our client, we expect to have delivered the marketing messages and a simple, repeatable sales process that will enable our client’s sales personnel to:


  • Select a potential customer
  • Contact a C or VP level executive
  • Set a meeting more than 60% of the time
  • Quickly move a majority of meetings to close


PRECISION REV tools including our extensive contact database, Sales Funnel process, and the High Value Markets process shown below, provide some of the structure that allows us to deliver the results we do.



High Value Markets Determination Process


Within each market, PRECISION REV identifies the Problem Solved by the product.


  • What are the primary applications?
  • What are the secondary applications?


PRECISION REV then determines the Level of Pain created by these problems.


  • Which problems are associated with the highest levels of pain?
  • How great is the pain?
  • What message addresses the highest levels of pain?


PRECISION REV then determines the Product Fit as a solution to the problem.


  • How completely is the problem solved?
  • What partners help make the product a solution?


Next, PRECISION REV determines the Differentiated Value Proposition for the product.


  • How should the product be differentiated from the competition?
  • What differentiation will attach the highest value to the product?
  • What will make the differentiation more concrete?


PRECISION REV then looks at the Market Size.


  • Market Size and level of pain allow us to determine revenue potential.
  • Revenue potential, Product Fit, and Differentiation allow us to project our client’s sales.


Lastly, PRECISION REV looks at the Ability to Purchase.


  • Is there a history of technology purchase? Are the financial resources available?


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The process begins with an evaluation of your current revenue performance. Then, PRECISION REV’s end-to-end solutions unite customer insight and adaptive, state-of-the-art sales processes with selling teams to help sales and marketing leaders acquire, grow, and retain customers.


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We can generate more REVENUE at a faster pace than you can on your own. PRECISION REV’s Customer Acquisition solution leverages data to create customized messages that break through the clutter, resonate with your target prospects, and turn interactions into new customers.